Saturday, April 11, 2015

Introduction of Simply Cooking, Theory and Principles



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    Students pursuing a career in hotel management in India are facing an acute shortage of a good book on food production. “Simply Cooking” simplifies cookery theory and puts all its principles required by them together under one cover, in a simple language. The book starts from the very basics and covers just about everything mentioned in the syllabus of major hotel management courses.

    With the help of this book, teachers will get more time to teach and students more time to learn rather than search and deliberate from the innumerous scattered resources and yet not be satisfied with their findings as most of what is available on the subject today has not been written specifically for.

    A lot of the subject matter on food production that is available today goes in unnecessary details, is very scattered and unreliable (written by authors who have never even stepped in a hotel kitchen).

    Hotel management students possessing this book will not need to make their own notes throughout their course, which takes up majority of their free time.

    Each chapter has been written in such a way that it not only covers the topic entirely, but will also give the teachers and students enough inputs to become experts with the help of just a little research in the pointed out direction (should they plan to specialize in the subject). It is foreseen to be indispensable in the libraries of all catering institutions and in possession of each of their student for its accurateness, compactness, reliability and affordability.

    The first book with the 14 chapters will cater to the 1st and 2nd year syllabus. The author plans to write another book in the next 2 months covering the remaining 3rd and 4th year syllabus too. Thereafter, a third book on food production practical (containing menus and recipes) that should be performed during the course will be written, followed by several others.